Born and raised in Brooklyn, City Councilman Brannan has vowed to always fight for the “little guy.”

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A beautiful day to celebrate the 44th annual scholarship gala hosted by the mighty Federation of Italian American Organizations of Brooklyn. In celebrating Italian-Americans, we honor the contributions and the struggle of immigrants everywhere.

The 1st union store in Brooklyn is also on strike today!!
Almost seems like if Starbucks actually gave workers a seat at the table and negotiated in good faith they'd be able to smooth out some glitches in the system and better serve their customers. Just sayin' #StarbucksStrike

Union Maid @M_e_g_a_Megan

Ceasar’s Bay joined our union fam in @SBWU_Massapequa on a wild cat strike bc management is refusing to turn off the mobile & deliveries when the system wasn’t printing out the orders. @SBWorkersUnited @SBWUNYCmetro

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