Born and raised in Brooklyn, City Councilman Brannan has vowed to always fight for the β€œlittle guy.”

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Today @brooklynnaacp will mark #MLKDay2022 with a teach-in on #VotingRights legislation. We continue the fight on the federal level and here in New York State.


MLK was just 39 when he was killed. Yet he did more in those short years than most will in a lifetime.

There's never going to be the perfect time to get involved. Just jump in. #MLKDay

Will you be ordering food online tonight?

#NYCDeliveristas rely on this labor to feed their families & need your appreciation!

βœ… Tip extra
βœ… Give good rating
βœ… Be patient
βœ… Meet them in the lobby
βœ… Wear your mask
βœ… Donate

πŸ“Έ @sammpicnyc on IG!

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