Born and raised in Brooklyn, City Councilman Brannan has vowed to always fight for the “little guy.”

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It's still hard to imagine Brooklyn politics without Lew Fidler. He was the conscience of the Kings County Democratic Party – always just a phone call, text, or early breakfast at Perry's away from some sage advice.

Happy birthday, Lew. You'll always be in our hearts.

PRO TIP: Fender bender? Ugh that sucks. Nobody hurt? Thank goodness! Now move the cars out of the way. That's the first thing cops will tell u to do when they arrive. No need to leave cars in middle of street. It's not the JFK assassination. We don't need to see how it happened.

The Council budget hearing for the public to testify is over, but you can still submit written testimony up until Tuesday, 5/31. For details on how to submit:

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