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Justin Brannan knows the job of governing is to make government work for working- and middle-class families. That’s why he’s working for us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; there is no problem too big or too small for him to help with.

From an equitable economy — that prioritizes small businesses and working families — to schools to safety to seniors, he has been a consistent leader on the issues that matter most.

(and don’t forget you can also call him to report a pothole or get your cat out of the tree).


Justin knows that every student, in every neighborhood of New York, deserves access to high quality education and is making real progress towards that goal. In his last campaign, he promised to site one new school in the 43rd district, but he didn’t stop there – he delivered 4 new schools!


Our seniors deserve the best care and treatment we can give. Justin has been a consistent champion for reopening our senior centers in a Covid-safe environment, and he fought to restore funding for seniors that the Mayor tried to cut.

Small businesses

As the husband of a local small business-owner, Justin knows that small businesses are the cornerstone of our economy. In his first term, Justin brought back $65 million in investments to our district. He also played a key role in securing essential relief that helped our local businesses survive.

Public safety

Justin understands that both safety and justice are critical for our communities to flourish. Creating safer communities means tackling the root causes of crime. That’s why Justin strongly supports increasing funding for mental health and substance use programs, as well as expanding afterschool and youth programs for our kids.

Covid relief

Justin has been a tireless advocate for free testing and vaccines, a robust job program, and relief for renters and small businesses and landlords. He knows that an equitable recovery prioritizes those who were most impacted and is fighting to ensure nobody in his district is left behind.

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